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Just the facts ma'am about upgrades and downtime

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The database will be placed in read-only mode soon to perform a database upgrade. This should last about 20 minutes. Thanks.

Good morning, we are about to perform a database upgrade. This is a software change that will allow us to make faster, zero-downtime, data migrations in the future, as new features are added. Expect a few minutes downtime, this post will be updated once done, thanks! UPDATE: Done. This was completed with a few minutes […]

A database upgrade will take place this morning, a few minutes downtime expected. I’ll update this post once it’s done. UPDATE: all done now System was out for approx 8 minutes earlier.

The main database server is running on an old KVM instance, which Linode have advised should be migrated. With v3.6 releasing this week, now is the time to do it, so please expect some downtime this week. I’ll comment here once complete.

Surprise, surprise! Linode just decided to suddenly kick off a database migration – yes, during the peak time in the week, and this will take 3.5 hours. I’ve been on the phone to their support and nothing can be done about it. UPDATE (Tues 00:30 PST) The migration did not go well and the database […]

The core database will be down for a few minutes today as we increase capacity on it. There’s also a new read-only mode for the website and app which will be operating for most of this time, to minimise downtime.

Some extra web servers were added in past 24 hours. Downtime was mostly avoided, though there two periods of approx 30 minutes with outages or slow performance. Currently a background processor is being upgraded, meaning that feeds won’t be fetched and importing will be suspended for next 2-3 hours. Once it’s ready, it will be […]

Remaining Linodes are being upgraded shortly, stay tuned! Update Job complete, all Linodes are now running on Linode’s new KVM infrastructure. Downtime was approx 60 minutes.

Servers will be cycled this morning to take advantage of Linode’s new KVM setup. It’s been running a while in staging without hassle.

Update: 20:24 PST – This is now resolved. If you were seeing this issue, please pull-to-refresh and all should be restored. [2] Some users have reported an app crash today, which seems to be the result of a server update involving how timestamps are stored [1]. We’re still investigating the issue. For most users, it […]