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Just the facts ma'am about upgrades and downtime

Update: 20:24 PST – This is now resolved. If you were seeing this issue, please pull-to-refresh and all should be restored. [2]

Some users have reported an app crash today, which seems to be the result of a server update involving how timestamps are stored [1].

We’re still investigating the issue. For most users, it should be fixed now. You may need to perform a pull-to-refresh (under Shows/Subscriptions) first. The only issue we’re still aware of is some users seeing a crash when scrolling down the series grid.

We should be able to release an update in the next few hours, but until then, the playlist view and detail screens should work fine for browsing.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll get this sorted soon.

  1. Short detail: we’ve moved to millisecond-level resolution to improve caching performance. Although a number of tests were in place, we didn’t have a test specifically for the format of the time in server responses. The phone did not taken kindly to those decimal places, which we knew, but in one field they inadvertently remained, only once new episodes started to be updated, and that’s what caused this.

  2. This was a related issue where a few series had their episodes not showing the series ID, causing the crash. The API’s been updated to ensure episodes always honor the series from whence they came.