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Player FM Status

Just the facts ma'am about upgrades and downtime

As part of Linode’s scheduled maintenance I referenced here earlier this week, there will be a period of anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours downtime starting at 19:00 PST tonight (3am UK time). International times here.

There are a number of scheduled downtime windows this weekend where the system can be reconfigured, load-balance, or gracefully degrade to work around the downtime (one is happening as I type this), but 19:00 is the slot which knocks out the main database, so it’s an inevitable downtime.

The Android app has been updated to show downtime details should any user-initiated requests not reach the server. Of course, most app functionality will work as normal, including streaming episodes (since Player FM doesn’t host or proxy them). Browsing shows, adding to Play Later and even subscriptions are possible, but they will be delayed getting to the server until it’s back and running. The main issue with downtime is how it affects new users, as not much can be done without initial setup.