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Just the facts ma'am about upgrades and downtime

Surprise, surprise! Linode just decided to suddenly kick off a database migration – yes, during the peak time in the week, and this will take 3.5 hours. I’ve been on the phone to their support and nothing can be done about it.

UPDATE (Tues 00:30 PST)

The migration did not go well and the database was restored to an earlier state. For reasons that are not clear, backups are also not able to recover recent data, though a scheduled backup plan is in place and has been tested in the past (but not on the current server, which was recently upgraded).

As it would take more than a day to investigate the cause, we’ve made the hard decision to go ahead and restore an earlier version of the database, which will mean some users will see subscriptions reverted to an earlier state. (Fortunately, Discover and Play Later lists will mostly be unaffected.) I’m very sorry that’s happened, but it was considered better to restore the service than delay any further.

I’ll continue to investigate to see if the more recent subscriptions can be restored, and will plan to upgrade the backup and restore process longer term.

(Fortunately, Play Later lists will be relatively unaffected.)