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Player FM Status

Just the facts ma'am about upgrades and downtime

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The web server went down about 20 minutes ago due to a security measure Linode had suddenly applied to a neighbouring node. It’s running again now, sorry for the convenience.

Received an alert from Linode that they’ve taken down the VPS host running the database server for emergency maintenance, which means the website and API aren’t working right now. It’s unrelated to Player FM’s database server (the host runs many other websites and databases too) and out of my control unfortunately, but they’ve assured me […]

There will be a short period of downtime this Thursday 7:30am (UK time) for a major upgrade to the database and web server. Estimated downtime 10-20 minutes. This upgrade brings a playlist capacity to the server, which will enable many features people have been asking for, such as syncing Play Later list across devices and […]

Expect about 2 hours downtime starting 1am PST. I’ll be switching to a new database server tomorrow. It has more capacity to keep data in memory and is overall larger in terms of storage. It’s also a switch to a more recent OS version of Ubuntu and migration from MySQL to MariaDB, which will also […]

There’s a performance issue with episodes right now, which is causing some delays with feed fetching. Currently working to resolve this.

I’m currently upgrading the search server to deal with more episodes. Please browse for now and search will be back later today.

I am about to commence an infrastructure upgrade which may cause small periods of downtime. I’ve been working on this upgrade for the past few weeks and it’s primarily aiming to deal with the increased feeds Player FM is indexing. This became necessary especially after Reader shut down, with many people importing their OPMLs. The […]

Database will be down for maintenance during this time. Mobile app will continue to work as usual, but without any updates or lookups during that time.

All Player FM servers are running on faster kit after last night’s upgrade, but I still need to do some further database tuning. Will be down for a couple more hours now. Update: This is complete. There was a corrupt episode record which means I had to restore a previous backup; the latest episodes are […]

As I’m about to perform some maintenance this weekend, I figured it would be opportune to set up a status blog. I don’t want to spam the main Player FM blog with status-related announcements, so I’ll stick them here.   Please note this blog is hosted on Dreamhost, so it should still be working if […]